Re-Purpose Hearing Aids- COSTCO

Carolyn Odio

I have a situation where I am asking COSTCO what their policy is regarding previously donated hearing aids and reusing them for another resident here at Panorama.
Has anyone had this kind of situation before?
Any advice?

Here is my letter to Christian Anthis, who is in charge of the US Operations of Hearing Aid Departments at COSTCO:

From time to time the Benevolent Fund at Panorama obtains Hearing Aids to give to residents. This time I have a Costco Kirkland Ver 9 pair of Hearing Aids to give to a resident who cannot otherwise afford to purchase hearing aids on their own. 
Since Costco Kirkland Hearing Aids are "locked" I realize that they cannot be taken to any Hearing Aid clinic to be "repurposed" for a new owner. 
Will Costco re-purpose these hearing aids? What is your policy for this? Is there a charge connected to this? I would appreciate the details.
I have appreciated your help and feedback in the past.
Thanks so much, Christian!

 Carolyn J. Odio

HLAA Washington State
Resident Council Rep & 
Hearing Loss Group at

(703) 725-8292 iPhone/Text 
Residence: 1835 Circle LN SE, Apt 425, Lacey, WA 98503

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