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Carolyn Odio

Whenever we travel, normally the Airline asks for an evaluation. It comes to my email. I forget to mention about my "not been able to hear" experience but WE SHOULD address that EVERY TIME.

There are two parts to this "evaluation":

1) At each gate...was there telecoil available? I can't hear the loud speaker at the gate...what if there were an emergency? I would be "toast"...

2) Inside the airplane
I used to try out my telecoil neck loop and plug it into the audio jack but there are problems with that. Once it did work, however.

I cannot hear the airline instructions over the PA system. Again if there is an onboard emergency, I would be "toast".

Nowadays, in SW and Alaska I notice that onboard entertainment comes through your "device" (iPhone, etc.) once in the air--and I use telecoil with all my devices. However the announcements don't. That is the problem. Do the cabins of the Airlines get looped? We need that!

I would hope that National HLAA would look into the situation and provide a handout of what airline cabins & airports are looped. I would use a reference sheet such as this one to help me, when booking flights!

Let us advocate!
--Evaluate your flight
--Ask HLAA National to provide a Reference Sheet

...that is my 2 cents worth ;)

Carolyn J. Odio
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Carolyn M. - Texas

Great suggestion! Thanks, Carolyn.