How to send COSTCO Hearing Dept Manager an EMAIL #COSTCO

Carolyn Odio

I believe I have discovered the emails of the Hearing Department Managers at Costco...PLEASE USE WITH DISCRETION...but it you have a serious issue here it is:

Here are a couple of examples:

W740aid@... = Manager at Lacey, WA Hearing Aid Department
W064aid@... = Manager at Tumwater, WA Hearing Aid Department

You can see the format here.

The number is the Warehouse # of your Costco. You can find that number on Google Internet by searching for the Costco Warehouse.
I put in the search term: "Costco, Lacey, WA"
The result:
Notice in the URL that came up the number 740 below? That appears to be the Warehouse #:

Now you can format the email of the manager of the Hearing Aid Department!

Hope that helps!
And...having that information you can always advocate for a Portable Hearing Counter Loop, to help customers 1) test their telecoil AND 2) hear more clearly at the counter!
(of course they would need a "telecoil only setting" to really hear better at the Counter, so there is less background noise!)

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