Re: My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Michelle Gross, HLAA Rochester

When it came time to re-do our Website I  continued with the choice of our former Webmaster (Homestead Websites It uses a wysiwyg is rather expensive, but provides full support, "community" and phone and a lot of flexibility. It uses "Websitebuilder" (a program that allows you to create your website without knowing code) and is responsive (has the ability to adapt to different devices computer to phone), although the mobile version can be awkward when editing.

I looked into CMS like Word Press ( the builder not the Webhost), for me it wasn't a good fit. I wasn't confident about my ability to select "safe", reliable plugins and maintain their updates and compatibility. 

A lot of plug in use also can slow down page loading and we elected to have a multipage website.  There may be some other downsides and certainly it's widely used and can be very flexible and ideal for some Webmasters. WP was originally devised for Blogs so it's ideal for one page Websites but for me, it isn't the best fit. Of course lots of developers competeing for plugins can be a good thing as well, so I don't knock it. Also there are multiple Webhosts that provide a variety of services; just wasn't the way I chose to go.
Michelle Rochester ny

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