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Arlene Romoff, NJ

I’ve also participated where one of the breakout rooms was captioned, and it was the one I was assigned to and was appropriate for my interests.


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I participate in a group that provides captions for me in the break out room.  However, It’s my understanding that they set this up ahead of time. Ideally, Zoom could set this up so that it could be a universal design feature available upon demand.






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Carolyn, you are awesome!  Thanks for the video.  This confirms the test that I tried this morning.  Maybe in time Zoom will be able to handle captions in breakout rooms. 

Tony Ferack

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Tony, in my experience the Zoom Captions and Transcript don't work while you are in a breakout room. When you return to the main room, you need to reinitiate them by clicking on "Show Subtitles". I did a video to demo this and you, can replicate what I did, to test it yourself.
Here is the link to the video: Zoom Captions in a Breakout Room?

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