Re: My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Sara Oser, President, HLAA North Bay of California

As Rich Osborne explains in his post, we use Squarespace.  My son set it up for us with our input.  We all got together one day and he asked how we wanted it organized, From that he created the site. Then we found images and paid for them.  We pay $200-$250 per year for the site.  It has a button where people can sign up for the newsletter.  That information automatically goes into Mailchimp.  I edit the website, but I haven't made any structural changes.  I feel that this is an easy way to get started if you have someone who knows Squarespace to set it up. Mailchimp works pretty well for sending newsletters and emails and connects to social media. I learned how to use it during a winter break. I just do what I can with what I can figure out.  

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