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RE: OtoSetTM Ear Cleaning System 


After an initial clinical launch with primary care physicians and otolaryngologists, SafKan anticipates they will follow with a consumer version of their OtoSetTM Ear Cleaning System that will be sold directly to the public. It combines irrigation and microsuction technology that is built into an automated and wearable deviceThey are launching a beta program where physicians at University of Washington Medicine Seattle and Stanford Medicine’s Cedars-Sinai will be the first to test the OtoSet and provide feedback. It has received its 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. OtoSetTM is intended to be used by or with the prescription of a healthcare professional and is not available for over-the-counter purchase. 

A picture of the device is here: OtoSetTM Ear Cleaning System

For more information, the Press Release is here: Press Release

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