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Margaret Myatt

Why don't people just use Google Meet?  Yes, mixed reviews but free captions. 


On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 4:40 PM Julie Olson <julieo@...> wrote:

That’s our story too. It will to raise the funds to purchase the Zoom Pro program for board meetings as well as chapter meetings.  We pay $120/month to rent the facility where we hold meetings.  We’re living in weird times as we all know, but I see keeping this option in the future so we can involve people on our board who don’t live in the chapter’s immediate area. Obviously, it’s more socially enjoyable to be able to meet in person with HLAA friends, but this video conferencing thing has advantages too. It’s been interesting to watch the improvements in Zoom since first trying it last March.


I’m following the conversation on ‘who can activate auto captions on Zoom’.  As the designated host for our program, I activated it in my settings, so it will be available regardless of whom I’m zooming with.  I personally covered the cost for the first year so I could use it with family and friends as it was pretty much an ‘experiment’ when I signed up last spring. 


Does anyone know if it can be set to accept captions by a co-host?  I’m thinking not, so the best practice for the moment may be asking people who own Zoom Pro as hosts, regardless of who they are; business, friends, whomever; to go to their settings and include it. Once you set it, it stays on.   It also may be worth it in the future to find funds to upgrade to the program that allows more than one host.


I participated in a Zoom meeting of mentors for Mayo Clinic Connect yesterday. I had asked, in advance, for the host to set the captions  up. She did, and it was extremely helpful.   (Pardon me if I’m repeating myself here from another post…I’ve explained the wonder of this to a few people since that experience and not sure if it went to this group).


Julie Olson


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HLAA San Diego paid something like $148 directly for a year of Zoom Pro.


We were paying $130 month for meeting space and CART when we met in person so the Zoom option is pretty cheap, especially now that we have free captions.







On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 10:01 AM Rich Osborne <richosborne@...> wrote:

I am looking into purchasing Zoom Pro for our chapter (CA North Bay) but am confused about pricing. On TechSoup, I see $65 Admin fee, which seemed good until I noticed the following (below). My question is, are other chapters paying $74.95 per host in addition to the admin fee for a total of $139.95? On the Zoom website, they charge $149.99. The following comes from the TechSoup website:

The Zoom Meetings Pro Plan combines video and audio conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one platform. Zoom meetings run on mobile and desktop devices and in hardware-equipped conference rooms. A meeting can have one host and up to 100 participants. All participants can be on video. Optional add-ons provide for larger meetings, room connector software, and webinar tools. They can be added at any time during the subscription year.

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription for new subscribers for up to nine hosts. After you request this offer and pay TechSoup's administrative fee, you'll also pay Zoom $74.95 per host for the discounted subscription. You must pay TechSoup's administrative fee each year to retain the 50 percent discount. Add-ons are also discounted at 50 percent over and above the cost of the meeting plan.

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