Re: Zoom Pro Pricing #zoom

Margaret Myatt

Thanks for sharing Rich.  It's amazing how much conversation there is about Zoom...Do people get set in their ways quickly?🙃   Yes, I agree with how much Zoom dominates.



On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 7:41 PM Rich Osborne <richosborne@...> wrote:
Margaret, the North Bay Chapter has been a pioneer in using Google Meet. IMHO, Google Meet is a superior product and the captions are the best that can be had.  Even though I have fought against the use of Zoom, it is well received by our members and Google Meet is not. Members repeatedly ask us to use Zoom. The differences may be minor, but they cause resistance. Also, Zoom allows multiple hosts: an important feature. Now that Zoom has captions, although only on Zoom Pro, I have capitulated and agreed to using Zoom Pro in place of Google Meet. I believe Google missed an opportunity to be dominant in the industry by moving too late. Other contenders, e.g., WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Apple Facetime likewise let a golden opportunity slip out of their hands. 

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