Re: Zoom Pro Pricing #zoom


Hello Rich,

I think the key to whether to subscribe for non-profit rates through TechSoup or to subscribe at open market rates directly from is the following TechSoup statement:
Your organization will benefit from this offer most if you need at least two hosts or if you want to use add-ons.
For subscribing at open market rates from, there are 2 pricing for the Pro level:
  • Month-to-Month at ~$15/mth
  • Annually at ~$150/yr (an ~$30/yr savings over monthly)
  • The advantage for monthly is you can cancel anytime.
  • The other advantage is optionally add-ons are also month-to-month, meaning, for example, add/drop the larger 300 meetings upgrade only when needed for any given month.
  • On the annual plan, you will pay the add-on's pro-rated annual add-on fee for the remainder of the annual term.
Our chapter is on the month-to-month plan,

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