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Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton

Carolyn, you said earlier that you use a headset with microphone on Zoom.  Can you please tell us what headset you use? I’ve been told that my audio sometimes fades out on Zoom. I have an old Radio Shack mike that works great, but when using it, I cannot hear as it cuts the incoming audio. Obviously not a soluteion. 


Looking at Best Buy to see what they have. Of course there are many options at variable prices.


I am bimodal/CI and HA. How do we find headset that will  work with our personal technology?  I don’t want to purchase the wrong thing and regret it.


I’m using either an older Dell Latitude laptop or a relatively new Lenevo Laptop. It’s the Lenovo that seems to be creating the difficult for others to hear me.


Know you said you were a techie, so figure you would have some answers.


Thank you.


Julie Olson

HLAA in Wisconsin


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Wayne, First think is to update your Zoom version--very important since this is a new feature. Go here for PC or MAC. This would be the first thing to try since captions just came out for Zoom Pro:

And Chromebook, I found it here (upper right corner)
December 9, 2020 version 5.0.0 (4241.1207)
Chrome Web Store


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