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Julie, I use a "telecoil" solution. Telecoil is like having "noise cancelling headphones built into my hearing aids". I have two hearing aid settings--one is noise cancelling and the other allows the background noise.

I use a ClearSounds CLA7v2 neckloop with a standard 25 foot audio cord. I plug it in to whatever device I need to hear -- computer, iPhone (newer iPhone needs a $5 adapter), TV, and any device that has a standard headphone jack. I use it for all computer zoom calls. I will send more info to your email. This is a non-bluetooth solution since 1) my TV does not have bluetooth and 2) bluetooth can have it's own connection problems. Cost: $30 for the neckloop (costs more now, if you can even find it); $11 for the audio cord; and telecoil installed in my hearing aids at no additional cost. Great cost & great sound both in and out.

The California Mid-Peninsula HLAA Chapter had a "Connections" meeting (once a month dealing with technology). We discussed this issue and here are additional solutions:

1) Here is Eliot's contribution:
"The device I described is the Sennheiser Model TR820.This model is several years old, so there may be a newer version available." Link to Amazon: Sennheiser

2) Here is a mic recommended by Jaynie: Blue Yeti Mic

I am sure others on this stream will  have more recommendations...
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