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Hello Rich,

I will respond to your question...

Our chapter owns two accounts. Since the “free” captions is now live with zoom we plan to go down to one account.  The second account had REV captions on it which we will no longer need or need to pay for since zoom finally release free captioning features.  Anyone can host the meet as long as they have the user name and the password.  

Just a couple things to keep in mind. You cannot have two meetings going on at the same time.  Also when one signs in as the “host” make sure no one else signs in on that account to join the meeting.  Having two people joined in that account to join a meeting can cause issues.  You can always pass host responsibilities to a person in the meeting at anytime during the meeting and you can also assign a co-host.  I do advise that you assign at least one co-host in all meetings.  Doing this will help keep stability in your meeting if the host becomes unstable due to internet issues the Co-host can take over as needed.  Also not only the host can activate the free captions in the meeting.  Once activated participants can opt to turn them on.

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On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 1:23 PM Rich Osborne <richosborne@...> wrote:
Thanks for your reply George. I need additional clarity. How many monthly licenses does your Chapter purchase? Can someone schedule a meeting and another member start the meeting as host? In my case, I suffer frequent power outages. If I schedule the meeting and then be unable to host because of a power outage, who can assume the host role and do we need multiple licenses to accomplish this?

Rich Osborne, VP HLAA North Bay of California

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