Re: Captions cover Mouth (iPad) Zoom Ticket #8198634 #ZoomCaptions

Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton

It worked for me, but only up or down. I could not move the captions to the side.  Up worked better than down for me.


From: [] On Behalf Of Rich Osborne
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: [HLAATech] Captions cover Mouth (iPad) Zoom Ticket #8198634 #ZoomCaptions


I have tried this and it does not work for me. When I put the cursor over the captions, it changes to a hand so I expected to be able to move the caption but it does not have any effect. I have tried several things - all to no avail. I am running Windows 10 and was told it might be an Apple-only feature.

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