Re: Captions cover Mouth (iPad) Zoom Ticket #8198634 #ZoomCaptions

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter


I am not an expert on various methods of captioning. I have worked with captioning videos at various times.

First of all, the recordings we are using are not interactive. Your controls usually are play, pause, and rewind, and maybe CC. The view you get is selected by whoever publishes the recording and unless someone wants to get really ambitious, you will get only one view throughout the video. 

Caption placement in the lower part of the screen is a default setup for most captioning software and is not changeable by the user. There are services and software that can place the display in different locations. The two common file formats are SRT and WebVTT (VTT.) VTT allows for more extensibility and as such can be complex for a casual user. Think writing in HTML. If you are interested, here is the W3C page on WebVTT. My understanding is the VTT standard allows for placement of the captions and inline formatting of text. Most people/chapters upload their recordings to YouTube. YouTube is going to place the captioning in the lower part of the screen. If the caption file is VTT, the placement can be altered by entering additional coding. See this article on changing the positioning of captions on YouTube. A typical 90-minute chapter meeting may have between 4-5 thousand lines. 

Julie, here is something I just found out. Go to this video. Turn on the closed captions and drag the captions just as you would do in a Zoom meeting! This seems to work on YouTube videos. 
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

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