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On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 11:28 AM Marilyn Weinhouse, CO via <> wrote:
I would like some advice on recording Zoom videos.  Is it better to save to your computer or to the cloud, and why?

I found more "on the fly" visual presentation flexibilities in recording to the computer vs. in recording to the cloud. e.g. "What you see, is what you get." 

With recording to the computer, I can interactively switch back and forth during recording between speaker and galley view. 

When screen sharing while recording to the computer, I can also record 
  1. In side by side view (shared screen on the left half, speaker or galley view on the right half, with ability change the 2 halves'  proportion, by dragging the dividing double line to the right or to the left), 
  2. Or in standard view (with a small speaker thumbnail overlying the upper right corner of the shared screen).
With recording to the cloud, the recording is in either speaker view or gallery view, set per the host account's cloud recording settings on the admin website pages at after signon, You cannot switch between  speaker and galley views in a single recording .MP4 file.  It is doable to have 2 separate .MP3 files, one in speaker view, and another file in gallery view. The PRO level account cavert is its 1 GB of cloud space allocation.  Recording a 1-2 hour meeting easily uses up over 1 GB, unless you pay a monthly fee for extra cloud space. Recording of 2 .MP4 files, one in each view, will at least double the space consumed. To date, I had occasionally exceeded the 1 GB allocation, with no obvious hard penalties, except bolded red advisories on the web based Recording Management screens.  

When screen sharing while recording to the cloud, you either get only the shared screen, or only the shared screen with a speaker thumbnail overlaying the upper left corner of the screen share, according to the Host account's cloud recording settings.

On captioning. .... There is a separate ".VTT" transcript file. Viewing the .VTT file in NotePad, the transcript is easier to read for Zoom's new automated Live Transcript than for using the Zoom's API token with either a human CART provider, or with third party ASR services (AVA or WebCaptioner). .... I have not yet researched how to view the .MP4 video incorporating the .VTT transcript into the playback. ... Hopefully, it is doable with some free or low cost video player application.  

For publishing to YouTube, I am not yet familiar with those in's and out's.

Hope this helps. This was my experience. There may be other variations I have not yet explored.

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