Techsoup #poll-notice

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

My original plan is to include a couple of polls a month, and I released one on social media several days ago. I think this poll needs to take place at this time because so much of what nonprofits can have access to depends on organizations like this. If you are aware of other like organizations, please share here. Techsoup is an organization that allows nonprofits to access technology that they may otherwise not be able to afford or even know. They administer a wide variety of technology products and services, including Google for Nonprofits, Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom, and many more. It is not limited to software as services and hardware are also available. Your chapter will go through a vetting process during registration.
I will close this poll at the end of September.

To answer the poll, select the circle in front of your selection. It will change to a dark gray color. Then submit the poll. Please do not create a "reply" message with a numbered choice.

Are you aware of Techsoup?

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

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