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Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

There is a push from HLAA for brand consistency. My reasoning is a uniformed and professional appearance from chapters and state associations gains instant recognition and, from that, credibility.  We all know what The Coca-Cola Company represents. A section of the HLAA Logo Use Guide, which I have linked below, covers how Walk4Hearing is branded. Those of you who have Walks coming up should review the Guide, so your promotional material follows HLAA guidelines.

You can view Ann Thomas's PowerPoint "Getting the Word Out: Promoting Chapter Identity & Creating Advertising Collateral."

There also is the HLAA Logo Use Guide, which all webmasters should become familiar with. Besides the proper use of logos, the Guide produces information on font and brand color requirements. 

This image  is an example of a favicon. I have attached the image file to this post if anyone wants to use it. It is a transparent png file. The size is larger than what is typically recommended but should resize itself. How you get it to appear depends on what you are using for your website builder. WordPress has multiple ways of adding a favicon. New sites can use the WordPress Customizer. Most themes allow you to add a favicon, and there always is a plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository that will accomplish the task.

I apologized for how this post is assembled - no flow at all, but the content is there.

Stay safe everyone
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

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