Re: Breakout Rooms with Zoom integrated Captioning #ZoomCaptions

Steve Wolfert


Any of the paid versions of Zoom now feature free captioning.  Make sure you or your facilitator have downloaded the latest Zoom update.  When you turn on Live Transcribe the captions should appear across the BOTTOM of the screen (white lettering against black background), and is very readable.  You can click the arrow next to "CC" on the bottom of the screen and adjust captioning settings (e..g., you can increase the size of the lettering).  The large white rectangular box you may be referring to (on the right side of the screen) is if you have clicked "show transcription" and you will see a scrolling record of the transcription; plus you can also save that transcription.

I hope this is helpful.

Steve Wolfert
HLAA Westchester (NY)


On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 11:29 AM Wayne Giese <yourservetennis@...> wrote:

I am using the free basic account for Zoom but have a facilitator that has the premium version.  We have tried the captions.  I am frustrated by what I see and maybe I and the premium holder are missing something.  For my captions what I see is a large white rectangular box.  Inside that box is a light dark rectangular box and inside that are the letters (captions) in black.  It is very hard to read.  Solutions?  I see nothing in Zoom help.



Wayne Giese
Morganton, NC

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