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Rich Osborne

Alan, I am puzzled by the comment, "Rich Osborne from North Bay prefers not to use MS applications " I regret somehow having given you this impression. I am an ardent user of Microsoft applications and used to be proficient in their use, although my skills have atrophied significantly. I have used free open-source software, like Linux and Libre Office, and maybe I spoke well about them since they are free, but I have discontinued their use primarily because the cost of Microsoft Office is not excessive and has superior functionality plus there are differences that can be problematic.


Rich Osborne

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We also have a GWN account and use various elements of it, but not their document, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. If I remember correctly, Rich Osborne from North Bay prefers not to use MS applications and I think I received a document from Sara Oser that had a .odt extension (open document format like Libre Office.) You can ask them if they use GWN. I will email you their addresses.
Alan Katsura
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