Re: Captions cover Mouth (iPad) Zoom Ticket #8198634 #ZoomCaptions


From Austin Hooper (Zoom) Jan 13, 2021, 23:04 PST
Hi Carolyn,

After speaking with my colleagues, I regret to inform you that currently, there is no way to move the caption box and video thumbnail, and change the font size for captions on iOS devices. However, I'm more than happy to raise a feature request for these, as I think they would be a great feature to have for anyone utilizing an IPad.

I'd also like to apologize again for the delay in responses to this. I personally do not have access to an iPad, so it's difficult for me to test these features to ensure we have all of the right information. I also apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the interim.


To Austin Hooper (Zoom) Jan 14, 2020 7:52 PST

RE: Captions on the iPad that cover the video face of speaker Ticket# 8139880 & 8198634
Please do what you there any other category to use? Obviously, to someone who lipreads this is a lot more than a "feature". Can you put it in a "fix" category? If not, then "features" is what it is going to be....
I appreciate your doing whatever can be done to move this forward. I am convinced it could be fixed, given enough resources. But I realize you are not in charge of resources. In the meantime I can pursue through the ADA channel (American for Disabilities Act).
Thanks so much for taking on this ticket even though you didn't have access to an iPad! (Seems like a management failure here--putting you in a position to work on a ticket about an iPad...with no access to an iPad!)
I can see you have done your best, considering the I appreciate that.
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