Re: Telecoil and Other Legislation #Telecoil #Legislation

Arlene Patton

Dear Carolyn,

     It was suggested I write to you.  I am a long time member of HLAA and a local member of the chapter in 
Los Angeles.  I use otter on my iphone 11.  The problem is that in the middle of a conversation the otter
screen vanishes and takes me back to the sign in for my phone.  Sometimes this can happen repeatedly 
in a 30-45 minute conversation.  The otter itself continues to record so that when I get back in I have
the information.  However, Ive lost my place in the conversation having to stop and type in my passcode
then get back into otter.  I have written otter and sadly receive no response.  A fellow member told me you
might be able to help. 

     Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

Arlene Patton

On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 4:23 AM Carolyn Odio <carolyn@...> wrote:
Wayne: Elsewhere on this form the following link for New Mexico was posted...only passing this on in case you didn't have it.
You have done a nice job putting this list together! Thank you!
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