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Cheri Perazzoli WA

Hmm.  Even though the HLAA community had been in touch with Costco, I don’t think Costco alerted us. I certainly would have made a visit, and promoted the accessibility as a model that other retailers could and should follow.

Carolyn, you are a making progress. I wonder, might you convince them to do another pilot? Except this time, ask them to let us know the when and where? WE can help get the word out.  How are pwhl supposed to try them if we don’t know where they are? ?




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I know it has been frustrating that we are putting in hearing loops but few hearing aid wearers know little, if anything, about telecoil.

So I am trying to convince Costco to put in Counter Loops on their Hearing Aid Counters. I wrote the CEO of Costco back in 2019. The response came from Christian Anthis (US Operations):

On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 7:47 AM Christian Anthis <canthis@...> wrote:

Hi Carolyn,

We have deployed the Williams Sound PLA 90 you have in your picture in a pilot program

in several warehouses. Not one member used the clearly visible and advertised devices

during the long trial period. We continue to use deferent methods of effective

communication with our members as needed.



I don't think the Hearing Aid Specialists used the hearing counter loops. In fact, if the Hearing Aid specialists would have the customer "test" their telecoil at the counter loop, the customer would understand how much better the sound is. I forgot to make this point in my letter but maybe you can. 

However, I attach the most recent emaiI, that I wrote about this subject. We may be getting the Counter Loops at our Costco.

If you are interested in doing the same thing...asking for a counter loop at your Costco's Hearing Aid Center...PLEASE write Christian and ask him to do the same for you!

Christian's contact information is below. I am hoping a few of you will want to do this so that we can show Costco that we are interested in promoting telecoil. (I recall Consumer Reports saying that Costco sell's 1 in 5 hearing aids in the US.)

If interested I attach my most recent correspondence as a pdf file.


M. Christian Anthis | US Operations, Hearing Aid | Costco Wholesale | 425-427-3530)  <canthis@...>

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