Re: Telecoil: Counter Loops and Costco #Telecoil


Yes Cheri, you have a great point!

Actually, Costco should install them everywhere that they have a Hearing Aid Center in the US and inform us. And in this current communication I make a point of asking Costco to install the Counter Loops in all of the USA Costco Hearing Aid Centers, just like I did back in 2019 when I wrote the Costco CEO with the same request. But to date, they have not taken me up on that. I hope we can take full advantage of Counter Loop at Tumwater and Lacey Costcos. I attach the full correspondence as a pdf file, below. If any of you are in this area, PLEASE visit the Costco and make a point to ask for a telecoil demonstration on the Counter Loop ;)

I am putting an article in the March Panorama News announcing this and asking our (1,200) residents here to ASK to use the Counter Loop. The article that I submitted is attached below. To read about Costco, just go down to the section titled,
For those of you who have telecoil in your hearing Aids:


Christian has not given me the date that the Hearing Loops will be installed. Once he does, I will be posting it here...and hoping that if you are in the area, you can visit and ask a Hearing Specialist Rep for that demo! 

Carolyn J. Odio
Resident Council Rep
Hearing Loss Group at

(703) 725-8292 iPhone/Text 
Residence: 1835 Circle LN SE, Apt 425, Lacey, WA 98503



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