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I only have the basic, but my church has the Zoom Pro.  The operator/control person is able to get the captions working in the break room.  It is the voice recognition and is fairly accurate.  I can not read the captions because they are greyed out in the captioning box.  I can however, open the live transcription and that works fine. 

On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 12:08 AM Carolyn Odio <carolyn@...> wrote:
You most likely already know that the Zoom Pro, automatic captions (in zoom language called "Live Transcript) do not work in breakout rooms.

So I did some experimenting with Ava 3rd Party captions in the Zoom Breakout Rooms. I found out that Ava will function in a breakout room. But only one room at a time, whether it is in any breakout room or the main room. Ava listens to the participants in the zoom meeting, by joining by telephone. So the host can move "AVA-telephone participant" around, whether it is the main room or the breakout room. (When AVA changes rooms, the Host just has to copy/paste the API token into the AVA website. This is not hard to do once you know how to do it. And it can be done behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the participants.)

I just thought you all would like to know! (I do have a Ava Pro Light subscription by the way.) My guess is that any other 3rd Party Caption in Zoom would work the same way...but I have never tested any other 3rd Party App.  
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