Re: Moving a chapter’s domain name #Google

Jaynie Kind, CA Peninsula Chapter

Thank you Alan, I think I’m beginning to understand that there’s no need to move our domain name to Google. That’s good to know.

After also reading the link Ann Thomas sent, it appears that our chapter just needs to be sure we qualify on TechSoup and get Google Workspace, then create email addresses in gmail. 

Right now I have emails being forwarded from GoDaddy’s email (Outlook on the web) to our key board members personal emails. 

The part I’m fuzzy on is once we set up Google Workspace email addresses to look like those on Godaddy ( info@..., membership@..., etc.) how to get emails to not go through GoDaddy but directly into GoogleWorkspace, and from there I can have emails forwarded to key board members. 

Still learning…and thanking everyone for sharing their knowledge,
Jaynie Kind
Peninsula Chapter

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