Re: Hybrid In-Person and Virtual Meeting Setup Procedure? #zoom #meet

Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Terri.  This has been in my thoughts too as our online meetings this past year + have drawn in people who would not attend regular meetings.  Of course it has also meant some of the regular ‘in person’ attendees have fallen away.  Being able to offer remote connection at a regular meeting would be nice…and interesting to see how people accept it.


I hope others will share their thoughts and their experiences with this.


Julie Olson


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We are playing with the idea of offering hybrid of in-person and virtual meeting this fall.  We feel if speakers can present virtually from their home or office to a monitor at our in-person meeting at the library we would be able to have different speakers who live too far away to come in person.  We did that with Gayle Hannah speaking using Skype when I was with a different Chapter, which was very well attended in a community college classroom. I was not  involved with that setup.

It would also be nice to continue to offer virtually to people who would like to attend but live too far away, which is not uncommon for us with four chapters in our state. 

Some speakers can still present in person at the library and we would like to be able to offer those types of meetings virtually as well.

  If we predict bad weather, we could switch to remote and send out notices.  We use Colorado Relay Conference Captioning or paid CART. We also use a portable heating loop around the area of chairs where audience sits.

Would anyone know how to do this? 

Thank you! 

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