Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids #Publication


I first saw this publication when a hearing aid dispenser checked this magazine, (in the Costco Hearing Aid Center). I found out that it is a vendor magazine, published annually, that lists hearing aids manufactured. It is divided into 4 sections regarding level of technology. Within each section appropriate brands/models are listed with their technology specified. (For example there is a one column indicating whether telecoil is available for that brand/model.)

Now I am trying to order the current year's copy of this publication. In the past I have been able to order it on the HLAA national website ( for about $18. But now it is no longer there...I did a search for it and it did not appear. Previously, searching for it on the internet, I had no luck since it seems to be restricted to hearing aid vendors.

Does anyone know how/where I can order the current year's edition?

A picture of the past edition cove of the magazine is included here.
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