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Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton

I encourage you to ask HLAA to order these in quantity and put them in the order department. Know they had them a few years ago. Wonder how many were distributed.  At $7 a copy for a small order, they could sell for $10 and clear costs.  Makes me realize how much I’ve missed having ‘real’ conventions where I”ve been able to pick up an amazing number of excellent materials.


Julie Olson



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I am in the SAME boat!!  


I lead a Hearing Solutions SIG in Sun City Texas (not an HLAA chapter because we can only inclue Sun City residents).  We will be starting up and rebuilding our membership in September and really want to have this available!!  I have previously gotten them at the HLAA Convention or ordered them from the HLAA site.


I contacted HLAA and got this reply.


Ann Thomas, HLAA Brand Ambassador <athomas@...>

10:38 AM (5 hours ago)

to HLAATech

The John Wilson Group creates the Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids and updates it yearly. They also create other health guides including one about tinnitus. 

They offer the guide in print and also as an online version. The structure for the guide has changed for 2021. 
"As far as pricing goes, our structure has changed for 2021. Printed guides and downloads are now the same price (60 = $420; 120 = $825.60, etc. (cost per guide goes down with each additional quantity of 60 purchased))."

To order the guides in bulk you can contact Cory Johnson: cory.johnson@.../ 




I have sent email to Cory.johnson and will be happy to forward his reply to you.


Louise Smith



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I first saw this publication when a hearing aid dispenser checked this magazine, (in the Costco Hearing Aid Center). I found out that it is a vendor magazine, published annually, that lists hearing aids manufactured. It is divided into 4 sections regarding level of technology. Within each section appropriate brands/models are listed with their technology specified. (For example there is a one column indicating whether telecoil is available for that brand/model.)

Now I am trying to order the current year's copy of this publication. In the past I have been able to order it on the HLAA national website ( for about $18. But now it is no longer there...I did a search for it and it did not appear. Previously, searching for it on the internet, I had no luck since it seems to be restricted to hearing aid vendors.

Does anyone know how/where I can order the current year's edition?

A picture of the past edition cove of the magazine is included here.

Carolyn J. Odio

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