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I don’t watch things live. I watch 60 Minutes and the late night comics on my iPad. Also news programs. I know how to turn captions on when there are captions, but few of the programs do. There are more often captions on the computer than on the iPad. 60 Minutes is particularly frustrating because they always have a nice big CC but when you select it there are no captions, even tho’ there are options for the color and size you want. Closer Look has captions about half the time. Stephen Colbert usually does. Anderson Cooper never does.There’s one that has captions on top that are like the old days when they were a bunch of letters that made no sense. PBS News Hour always has captions, and sometimes they are great, practically synched. But lore often they lag about 5 to 8 second behind the talker so they are close to useless. MSNBC always has a lag. I doubt they use CART, but if it’s ASR I don’t know why it lags so far. CNN does have them. There it a text logo, but it’s always greyed out.

So it tends to be erratic. I wind up choosing what I will watch based on whether there are captions and preferably the captions appear with thew speech.

On Jul 22, 2021, at 1:14 PM, Mary Jarrett <mwjarrett@...> wrote:

I regularly watch YouTube on my iPad, with captions. You have to turn on captioning, then the cc will appear on the video for you to choose to use them. You can Google how to do this.  

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On Jul 22, 2021, at 12:02 PM, Carol in Boston <carolagate34@...> wrote:

Thanks. I’m glad I asked instead of continuing to try figuring it out. Too bad. I use the iPad for watching TV and youtube programs. Supposedly youtube captions everything, but that, too, seems to be only on the computer and not iOS.


On Jul 21, 2021, at 10:28 AM, Jaynie Kind, CA Peninsula Chapter <jwkind2000@...> wrote:

I started using the Chrome captioning a month ago and never was able to use it on my iPad (which is my preference). I had to use it on my iMac. I’m guessing its because it doesn’t work on IOS, only on OS. 

Jaynie Kind
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