Re: Connecting to captioning : What has worked for you?


When Zoom finally provided free captioning the quality was the best I had seen so far. Rev was originally useless, but it had improved. GoogleMeet wasn’t much better than Rev. But it has been a year of improvement for ASR. 

The Zoom instructions were so bad that when I told people the free captions were now available, most of them were unable to install them. But someone then posted the attached instructions and all my groups started turning on captions. At first I had to keep reminding them, but before long it became habit.

I haven’t yet attended a hybrid meeting, but my various groups are working on it.

Before Zoom had captions I subscribed to Otter and propped it up under my computer. It was helpful only rarely. The best thing about Zoom is that the captions can be moved so I can place them right under each speaker’s mouth.

During this time I have also been trying to use captions on my iPhone, so I can use it when speakers are masked. Most of them would not work without wifi, and few places I went had wifi. Just a few days ago I downloaded eyeHear, which is the most accurate and works without wifi. But I can’t figure out if it’s possible to reduce the size of the type. It is so huge that only a few words are visible at a time.

As for the Boston chapter, we used Zoom with captions. A member worked in a school and used their account. When they dropped the account, we bought a year’s subscription.

I would like to learn the results of your research.

Carol Agate 
Boston chapter, formerly Los Angeles 

On Aug 21, 2021, at 12:57 PM, Sara Oser, N Bay Of CA Chapter via <> wrote:

We are exploring options for connecting to captioning. We are exploring  in-person and hybrid (in-person and Zoom) meeting rooms. What has worked successfully for you.   What equipment did you use to send the voice to the remote captioner or to the ASR?  Do you use a captioning app on your phone and connect it to a projector? What did you view the captions on?  Did you connect to a projector and then view the captions on a television screen or regular screen? 

We are looking for details of how to set this up. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Sara Oser

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