Re: Speech to. Text for iPhones


I am testing olelo for iPhone captions.

Advantage: I like that it captions both sides of the conversation whereas InnoCaption only captions one side of the conversation (incoming).  

Disadvantages: I am finding some downsides of olelo -- as it is fairly new.
1) It does not alert you when you have voicemail (they are working on that...) so you have to check your voicemail on a regular basis.
2) Also I have to do a "workaround" to share the conversation as they don't have that icon to share it. Olelo does provide a transcript showing both sides of the conversation. My workaround is to video record the transcript as I scroll down it--I use "Screenshot" on the Mac to do this. 

But for the moment I am going to stick with olelo as its main advantage is so important to me....especially on important calls like financial, etc.

Here is the website for it:

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