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Arlene Romoff, NJ

I have those captions set up - and they work quite well.
Well worth setting up.

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RE: Computer --  Captions on Chrome
There are now captions if you use the Chrome Browser. Here is how you set that up. This worked for me and it is really easy. I credit Jaynie Kind for bringing it to my attention. Here is her information:

Hi Everyone,
An article was shared on ALDA’s Facebook page so I played the 25-second video on how to turn on captioning for audio and video files. The link is at the very bottom of this email. In a nutshell, here’s how I turned it on, selecting each as listed. (FYI: I use an iMac, I would expect this should be the same in Windows.)

Google Chrome
Live Caption (turn on) and you’ll see it load files

Whatever you want to have transcribed needs to be within Google Chrome’s browser. (I have an iMac and use Safari, so I copied a podcast to Google Chrome and played it.)

It worked great! chrome/live-caption-chrome/? fbclid= IwAR08qcJNxhCTzr7C2K81YTRZ8pPg rA1Of7ExbXscOA04V245VA27HLdVkf s
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