Re: Zoom Acting Crazy After 5.7.7 Release #zoom

Louise Smith

I use the "check for updates" feature.
Open Zoom
Click on your picture / your profile
See "Check for Updates" 4 from the bottom.
I do have a "paid" version at the lowest level.

Louise Smith

On Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 11:48 AM Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton <julieo@...> wrote:

Thank you Alan. We have used both Google Meets and Zoom during the past 2 years. We’ve decided to purchase the Zoom Pro program for the chapter because it just seems to work better for us.  Admittedly, it has taken time and practice to figure out how to use it the best possible way, but we’re very happy with it.  In fact, our non-brand specific Cochlear Implant support group has decided to use it regularly, rather than go back to in person meetings. It’s been extremely helpful to bring in people from outlying areas.


Our regional technical college has started offering ‘senior’ programs for people who want to learn more about Zoom before hopping on board. We hope that will help. We have lost some members during the pandemic crisis, but have gained some as well. We look forward to holding in person meetings as soon as we can, but I believe we will also incorporate some meetings on Zoom each year so we can expand our program possibilities and extend our outreach.


That said, it’s been interesting. I attended the meeting last week where you had problems with Zoom. It was definitely interesting to see that happen at a meeting held by the very people in California who have been such leaders in using Zoom. (Thank you for that, by the way.)  We’ve had our glitches. I’ve closed a meeting by hitting the wrong ‘button’. We’ve found that we have to teach and re teach a lot of things, but in the end it has been well worth it.


Thank you for staying on top of this for all of us.   One question:  I’ve not been able to upgrade my Zoom account unless I get a message from Zoom to do so.  That happens fairly often, and I do update when I get that message.  I tried to find a way to upgrade by going into the Zoom site, but did not find a way to do that.  Any thoughts on that?


Again, thank you for all you do out there. So glad we have the means to communicate via the internet.  LOL. I go way back to the 80s as a member of the national SHHH Board of Trustees when we had to use regular mail between meetings to communicate. Eventually e-mail was available but so many people refused to try it. A few people even dropped off the board because of this. For those of us who worked to learn it, it streamlined everything we were doing…as you can imagine. Hard to sit back and realize all that has occurred electronically since the good old days!


Julie Olson

HLAA in Wisconsin


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Subject: [HLAATech] Zoom Acting Crazy After 5.7.7 Release #zoom


If anyone experienced problems after updating to Zoom version 5.7.7, Zoom released 5.7.8, which seems to fix all the crazies that happened after the .7 update. Issues ran the gamut from freezing, random blocks of various colors appearing on the screen, unable to control anything within the Zoom environment, including leaving the meeting. The latest release came on Friday, 9/10. From what I and others experienced, this seemed to affect PC users. 
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

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