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Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton

Thanks Alan.  We held our chapter meeting last night on Zoom. The chapter owns and pays for the basic Pro Program. We had all the same issues that the CA chapter had last week. People were let in, everything went well for a while, then all of a sudden it started. People froze, I was a co-host and lost all the controls so could not exit the meeting to reenter. I had been letting people in from the waiting room, and all of a sudden that option disappeared. Not chat either. A couple others were stuck in the meeting at the end and could not leave until the host shut the meeting down.  I think the host had full control most of the time.  It was crazy, but we handled it. We did tell everyone who was there to update their Zoom program. Most of them only use Zoom to attend our meetings and don’t use it personally.  The interesting part was that everyone could hear the speakers most of the time, but some couldn’t see them. We have a CART provider, and her captions were visible to everyone.  On my screen I had all the participants, but no indicator of who was speaking. Also no ability to mute/unmute myself.  Needless to say this was frustrating but the program went on. Our CI group meets next week. We use ASR captions for that. It will be interesting to see how that goes.


One thing I’m wondering:  The Zoom program is in our chapter’s name and e-mail address. Three of us have access to that e-mail account and can set up a Zoom meeting. All three of us were at last night’s meeting. I’m wondering if that might be a problem. Two were co-hosts, while one was host.


Julie Olson



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Look at Louise's post in this thread on how to check for updates. Zoom, at least in its desktop app, will force an update if none has been done in the previous nine months. When you log into Zoom, if there is an update available, it will be either a mandatory or optional update. You have to install the mandatory update before proceeding. Optional updates are minor revisions to the app. 
Alan Katsura
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