Re: Zoom Acting Crazy After 5.7.7 Release #zoom


Another way to update your zoom (for PC's and Mac Computers) is to go here:

--click on "Zoom Client for Meetings" Download button
(You will know what version you are updating to, as it states it there)
--Once downloaded, click on the download package (I have a Mac & the name of it is "Zoom.pkg")
--follow instructions to install the software
--If it asks you for your password. it is the password you use to open your computer
--At the end of the process, I move the installer to "trash"
You should get a green checkmark, that indicates success
For me it takes less than a minute to do it.


 If you are curious about what version you are on, do the following:

1) click the zoom icon (blue with white video camera) 
2) be sure you are on the HOME page tab (see top)
3) click on the tiny gear at top right corner
4) click on the Statistics (menu on left)
5) at bottom will be the version you are running on

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