Re: Zoom Acting Crazy After 5.7.7 Release #zoom

Michelle Frisbie

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences & insights. We had some more weird issues in our meeting last night (primarily our co-host, who's screen froze up & she couldn't do most zoom functions, everyone's windows froze up but she could still hear us...she had to close the program or shut her computer down (no End mtg or Leave button!) & re-enter the mtg). Others' had issues where their screen froze up a couple times (from my view, but not sure what they saw on their end), but that could've been their weak connection. Carolyn, my view of Zoom on my desktop computer is very different from the views you're showing above. Is it perhaps that your version is an App versus the desktop version? I know most of us in the mtg last night had upgraded our zoom version to the latest after the weird issues a couple weeks ago, so not sure what's going on?? Anyone else continuing to have issues? I just tried to look for what version of zoom I'm on & couldn't figure it out after clicking on the zoom bot for chat help, and also trying to look up answers in zoom help/support articles. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and feel that I shouldn't have to look so hard to figure out something that should be so simple! Very frustrating! 

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