Re: Zoom Acting Crazy After 5.7.7 Release #zoom

Louise Smith is opening in your BROWSER.  The client opens a separate app.
Good luck!

Louise Smith

On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 11:15 PM Michelle F <michellelfrisbie@...> wrote:
OMG, I figured it out! I had been going into Zoom by just typing in in Chrome web browser. However, when all the zoom instructions say to click on the profile picture to check Zoom version, I realized they were also referring to the Zoom "Desktop Client". If anyone has had a similar issue, go into Zoom support or just Google how to start Zoom desktop client, and you can download it, or verify if you already have it. I already had it, but didn't realize it, ugh! If you have the blue icon on your taskbar on the bottom with the white video camera picture, that's the shortcut icon for Zoom Desktop Client.  If you hover over that it says Start Zoom. Click on that and it will open up a window for Zoom that looks very different than what I've been seeing on
Then when the window first opens (before you log in) it shows the Zoom version at the bottom of the window, tada! Or after you log in, you can click on the profile image in upper right corner and then click Help-About Zoom to figure out the version. In the same menu then click Check for updates, and it will let you know that there is a new update 5.8 so go ahead and let it update to that.

Whew! All this just to confirm that I had previously updated to version 5.7.8, which supposedly fixed the bugs from 5.7.7, but since they came out with another update so quickly, I'm guessing they still had some pesty bugs that still needed fixing!

Why on earth Zoom would have a "desktop client" that looks different than the view is beyond me! And they also have an App to maintain as well?! What a pain! Oh, and by the way, I contacted Zoom tech support and they got back to me fairly quickly, but after FOUR responses (the first 3 of which were bot/virtual automated responses, similar to what y'all said above in this string), they still didn't provide sufficient info/answer my questions/issue!

Thanks again! Let's all cross our fingers & toes that the latest updates fix the weird issues we've been experiencing! 


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