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Char Sivertson <charlenesivertson@...>

You can give your account log in and password to another person if you want them to host a meeting from your account.  Since yours is a single user account, passing on your sign in info potentially violates that contract. However, in a webinar put on by Zoom, the instructor suggested doing exactly that.

You can always revise your account, under Profile, to change your email address to your chapter’s email account.

Char Sivertson , San Diego

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 9:00 PM Julie Olson <julieo@...> wrote:

Thanks for asking this question Jaynie. I’m in the same boat. Our chapter’s Zoom Pro license is in my name. I have wondered how to let someone else host a meeting without my having to open it up???  I have a conflict for one of our future meetings due to another commitment.  I can assign an alternate host once the meeting begins, but do I have to be the one to begin it?


Julie Olson

HLAA Fox Valley Chapter (Wisconsin)


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Hi All,

I was wondering how chapters are hosting their Zoom meetings. Currently I am hosting them using my Zoom Pro license. I feel uneasy...what if I can't start a meeting? Sick, hit by a bus, etc. Everyone would already have the meeting link and no host to start.

The "Alternate Host" only works for Business/Enterprise accounts. So no backup option there...

The only idea I had was to have a chapter email account and have Zoom Pro attached to that email (along with our AVA Pro license which I also have). We would have to be sure not to schedule meetings at the same time. 

Your thoughts?
Jaynie Kind
Peninsula Chapter (Redwood City, CA) 

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