Listen Everywhere by Listen Technologies (Presentation 1/13/22 at #Resources #free

Sara Oser, President, HLAA North Bay of California

Listen Everywhere is an assistive listening wifi solution for houses of worship, hospitality, restaurants, universities and other venues. It uses a venue's existing wireless network, has ultra low latency, and can accommodate a lot of people. It delivers sound to participants' smartphones, both iOS and Android.

If you want to know more about this product, Mikey Shaffer, Western Regional Sales Rep will be speaking at our monthly captioned Zoom meeting.   Before Listen Technologies, Shaffer was a telecommunications equipment specialist at Relay Utah where she worked directly with low-income deaf and hard of hearing Utahans to provide solutions for their telecommunications needs.

Meeting starts at  4:00, Presentation at 4:15 Pacific Time. 
Register using this link:

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