Re: Devices or Apps that can assist HOH HAM (amateur) radio operators #communication

Jim Oser

Alan T Katsura de Jim Oser (husband of Sara Oser, North Bay)

I am an inactive ham radio operator.

I got my license, when I was in seventh grade. I was active in high school on 40 meters, but haven't been active since.

A friend of my parents, W6EJY was very active in the Marin 2 meter repeater, K6GWE.

W6EJY was known as the Electrical Junk Yard. W6EJY took me on 2 meter hunts. Somebody would hide somewhere in Marin, and transmit on 2 meters, then people with 2 meter rigs in their cars would try to find him, using directional antennas.

I don't even have any ham equipment now.



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