Re: Zoom meetings and backup host question

Jaynie Kind, CA Peninsula Chapter

I have Zoom Pro, you need Zoom Business to assign alternate hosts. I tried and it wouldn’t let me. 

I already had “Allow Join Before Host”. Carolyn Odio suggested disabling the “Waiting Room”. Since I have to have either “Waiting Room” enabled or a Passcode per Zoom security, I used a Passcode.

Then I scheduled a meeting. Carolyn was able to join the meeting although I wasn’t there, even before the time it was scheduled to start! She tried a bunch of functions: chat, mute/unmute, reactions, naming herself, etc. Then I joined/started the meeting. 

I’ve now scheduled a recurring meeting and have asked a few people in my chapter to see if they can join day or night. 

Jaynie Kind
Peninsula Chapter, Redwood City, CA

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