HAT in trial martial arts class?

Debra Pearson

I am taking a trial period to see if I want to join a martial arts class to learn self-defense. I have hearing aids with both blue tooth and tcoil. The dojo room makes voices sound hollow and it is sometimes hard to decode sounds into words. I am not yet real familiar with the class terminology so that makes fewer context clues. I thought of using a clip-on-microphone to pair with my phonak hearing aids as a HAT but the senseis' movements can be so very active and fast that I would think the mic would fall off or be accidentally knocked off, hitting someone in the process or get stepped on. Neither the local library nor my audiologist have clip on mics for loan. My audiologist will sell me one for $300.00 plus tax. My budget says that is too steep for a trial period. The senseis know I have some hearing loss and am a beginning student so they are patient with me. Does anybody have related experience and advise? - Debbie

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