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D Brooks

Hi Debbie,

One idea that comes to mind that is cheap is to have a person that is standing by to repeat back to you via your mini mic what the Senseis says?  That's about the easiest solution I can think of where nothing will get damaged or dig into your pockets.  Or have the person giving the commands not be the person you are practicing with.  Ideally this person will be near by giving the commands and not placing the mini mic in any danger.

Another option that will cost some money is to lay a temporary room loop under the mat.  If the room already has a PA just tie the loop into that sound system and use the house portable mic.  If there is no PA system in the library or room you are in you will also need to spend more money on a Portable mic/transmitter and mix mixer.  You would be using your t-coil with this idea.

Last option I can think of that may be inexpensive is to use a bluetooth wireless 2 in 1 adapter by Aisidra.  Amazon has them for less than $40.  This would be an easy wireless solution especially if your mini mic happens to have a 3.5mm headphone jack like mine.  If so, what you do is buy two of these adapters and plug one in your mini mic in "receiving mode" and the other in a cheap wireless mic that has a 3.5mm output on it and put another adapter in that in "transmitter mode."  Pair the two adapters to each other prior to setting it up like I just said.  Doing this basically will make both devices bluetooth or "smart" and will communicate with each other.  (paired)  I added a link below so you can learn more about how it works. 

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On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 3:55 PM Debra Pearson via <> wrote:

I am taking a trial period to see if I want to join a martial arts class to learn self-defense. I have hearing aids with both blue tooth and tcoil. The dojo room makes voices sound hollow and it is sometimes hard to decode sounds into words. I am not yet real familiar with the class terminology so that makes fewer context clues. I thought of using a clip-on-microphone to pair with my phonak hearing aids as a HAT but the senseis' movements can be so very active and fast that I would think the mic would fall off or be accidentally knocked off, hitting someone in the process or get stepped on. Neither the local library nor my audiologist have clip on mics for loan. My audiologist will sell me one for $300.00 plus tax. My budget says that is too steep for a trial period. The senseis know I have some hearing loss and am a beginning student so they are patient with me. Does anybody have related experience and advise? - Debbie

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