Re: HAT in trial martial arts class?

Cheri Perazzoli WA

Hello Debbie and All,
What a great resource this group is! 

Wonderful ideas-

WATAP has the Washington state technology contract.
Please check back for future updates and do not hesitate to contact us via 800-214-8731or watap@....

When I founded Loop Seattle, I saw they did not offer much in the way of hearing technology. I was told they do not receive many requests for hearing technology demonstrations. At my request, they upgraded their selection and included a few counter hearing loops. All this to say, I think it’s worth a call because they just might add Roger pens to the mix. 

Also, our local HSDC will set up a hearing loop for meetings. I’m not sure the martial arts class would qualify or that this type of loop would be appropriate for this setting. However, HSDC does offer other assistive technology and they might be willing to let you try a Roger pen. 
Also HSDC offers advocacy services and they may be willing to do a zoom call with you and your instructors.

Cheri Perazzoli

On Mar 8, 2022, at 11:05 AM, Louise Smith via <> wrote:

GOOD LUCK!!  Would be a GREAT project if it could be accomplished.

Louise Smith

On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 2:48 PM Carolyn McMahon via <> wrote:
I noticed that the Texas ACT doesn’t really have too much equipment for people with hearing loss. I that it would be a great HLAA chapter advocacy project to contact the local ACT demonstration office and lobby for more useful assistive technology for people with hearing loss. What I would assume they usually do is buy technology that works for both Deaf and hard of hearing. We need to let them know that those groups are not the same group. 

Good luck, 

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