Re: Portable Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD)

Arlene Romoff, NJ

They don't mean TDD - which is Telecommunication Device for the Deaf, which is a typing telephone, which is also known as a TTY (for teletypewriter.) Those are typing telephones and have mostly been replaced by captioned telephones like CapTel or CaptionCall.

What they're asking about are Assistive Listening Devices or Assistive Listening Systems.
And there are options for that - depending on the usage, location, audience. 
Ideally, they should loop the space, and offer receivers to people who don't have t-coils in their hearing aids or CIs, or don't have hearing aids or CIs. And the ones that do can just walk in and switch their settings to the t-coil.
Other options are portable FM systems.
I'll let some others chime in on various other options.

Arlene Romoff
Past President, HLAA-NJ

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Does anyone know about portable TDD devices?  We have received a request from the county asking which TDD devices are best and where to purchase them. The event is for 15-30 mostly senior citizens in the audience and a microphone being used in the front.  They want to use the devices for other events also.  Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Sara Oser
HLAA North Bay President

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