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Stephen O. Frazier

Sara -  Here would be some options for a portable system.
1.  A hearing loop using a small driver like the Oval Window Microloop III and a half dozen loop receivers with earphones would be one solution.  It's not really all that difficult to temporarily loop a 100 square foot area once taught how to do so.  Our local HLAA chapter did this for years until they found a "home" where they could permanently install the loop and I've used a similar system to do presentations in rooms without a good ALS.  This would have a learning curve while users became familiar with loop/telecoil technology .
2.  Simpler to understand and to use would be something like this Williams Sound set of equipment.  If should include both earphones and possibly 4 or 5 neckloops for telecoil users.  ListenTech sells similar kits but I believe their kit includes a single ear device rather than earphones which is not adequate in my opinion. 
3.  A less expensive option would be this 4 person ALS.  It is a "single ear" system which would not be as  good a earphones but I believe the latter could be added and used just like the neckloops.
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Does anyone know about portable TDD devices?  We have received a request from the county asking which TDD devices are best and where to purchase them. The event is for 15-30 mostly senior citizens in the audience and a microphone being used in the front.  They want to use the devices for other events also.  Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Sara Oser
HLAA North Bay President

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