Re: Portable Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD)

Cheri Perazzoli WA

Hi Sara, 
In Washington state, we are very fortunate to have a hearing loop program through our state ODHH office. 
Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) Program | DSHS (

Washington state residents can request the Contacta portable loop system to be set up for meetings. 
PortableRoomLoopKit_productsheet-1.pdf (

From the ODHH website:
We also have a Portable Room Loop Kit that can be installed in smaller meetings or conferences to provide people with a hearing loss that wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a t-coil switch to amplify audio sounds in the room for better hearing.  Individuals who do not wear hearing aids and have a medium to mild hearing loss can wear headphones with a receiver and receive good audio amplification.  

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