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John Woodgate

Portable loop systems are quite a powerful advertisement for hearing loops, since they can be demonstrated at very little cost.  Contacta have made a rather #overkill' example: I understand that it is about USD1000. while the manufacturing cost structure of electronic equipment these days is very strange (the electronic parts cost far less than the plastic box they come in), it would be quite easy to make a similar but slightly simpler system for a significantly lower end-user price.

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On 2022-08-04 19:51, Cheri Perazzoli WA wrote:

Hi Sara, 
In Washington state, we are very fortunate to have a hearing loop program through our state ODHH office. 
Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) Program | DSHS (

Washington state residents can request the Contacta portable loop system to be set up for meetings. 
PortableRoomLoopKit_productsheet-1.pdf (

From the ODHH website:
We also have a Portable Room Loop Kit that can be installed in smaller meetings or conferences to provide people with a hearing loss that wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a t-coil switch to amplify audio sounds in the room for better hearing.  Individuals who do not wear hearing aids and have a medium to mild hearing loss can wear headphones with a receiver and receive good audio amplification.  

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