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Arlene Romoff, NJ

Yes - I agree with this totally.
That has been my experience as well.


On Aug 6, 2022, at 11:45 AM, Carol in Boston <carolagate34@...> wrote:

I just want to point out that preferences probably depend on the quality. ASR got a bad name because it was so often wrong. It has improved enormously. If anyone uses ASR with their Innocaption app you know how good it can be. CART is only as good as the provider, but it can never be as fast. The variation among CART providers varies just as the variation among ASR providers vary. But if you use a good ASR provider you know what you are getting. If you know your CART provider, you also so. But in most situations you ask for CART and have no way of knowing how good the provider will be.

So ASR is less of a gamble and it has the plus of speed. 

On Aug 6, 2022, at 11:32 AM, Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter <akatsura@...> wrote:

After seeing Ed's post, I think I understand what "final-version" captioning is. It is verbatim but in small phrases. I can see where it may be more accurate and possibly easier to read since there is less likelihood of having to reread the captioner's corrections. Since normally there is a latency between the speaker/video and captions, accuracy is more important than speed.
Alan Katsura
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